Stretch for High Kick Flexibility- Kick Higher, Faster

We have all watched those martial arts movies where the good guy jumps up and kicks the bad guy in the face.  How amazing!  I want to be able to do that! Having the ability to perform high kicks can be very beneficial if you practice cheer, gymnastics, martial arts, and dance. Tight muscles such as your hamstrings, quadriceps, and lower back can affect your high kick flexibility.  The secret to reaching that high kick flexibility faster is to STRETCH!


Stretch for High Kick Flexibility

Shane Fazen with Fight Tips on Youtube posted this great video on certain post workout stretches for high kick flexibility.


In this video Shane pinpoints the muscles that can affect your high kick and the positions to reach the right stretch for each muscle group. Shane suggests using hand wraps to perform these stretches post workout, which can be smart and efficient, but too much work on your end for our style. The Leg Tech can help you achieve all of these stretches without the use of your hands and allows you to adjust the stretch for the exact intensity for your body!


Hamstrings/Lower Back Stretch

The hamstrings located on the back of the leg as shown on the image below and your lower back usually come hand in hand. If your lower back is hurting, sometimes it is due to tight hamstrings.  When your hamstrings are tight, then our body begins to put the weight on our backs and this is where the back pain can originate.  Loose hamstrings and lower back muscles are what you will rely on to achieve the high kick flexibility you are looking for.


Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip Flexors, located on the inside of the pelvis area are very important to keep limber and loose when perfecting your high kick.   Diego Sanchez of the UFC uses The Leg Tech to help him stretch his hip flexors, legs, and feet before and after training, as seen in the picture below.  If your hip flexors are tight this can limit your hip extension and may even lead to injuries.



Quadriceps Stretches


The Quadriceps, located on the top of the leg are also a very important muscle group utilized when training for a high kick flexibility.  Quad stretches help to improve the range of motion in your knees and hips. Quads are responsible for your knee extension and the Femoris located in the muscle group can also help flex your hips, affecting your range of motion. The Leg Tech as shown in the picture below can be used to help target the muscle group in your legs to reach a more effective stretch for your goal.



To reach the high kick flexibility you desire, stretching daily is important to not only achieve your goal, but to prevent any injuries.

The Leg Tech was designed with you in mind for all your stretching needs.  This stretching device has been known to help with feet/heel pain, tight calves, hamstring, cerebral palsy, restless leg syndrome, and so much more.  I use my Leg Tech after each workout and it helps with all my aches and pains.  If you have any questions or concerns please comment or contact us, at