Compression Socks Benefits 2018

Compression socks can help anyone, not just people with circulation health issues.  They are beneficial to the health of our feet. I wrote A Guide to Healthy Feet about reducing inflammation in your feet and compression socks is a great way to help with circulating blood flow and lowering inflammation.  If your profession or life keeps you sitting all day or walking long periods of time compression socks (stamina socks) might be the exact thing you need!


What Do Compression Socks Do?

Compression socks were designed to help with blood circulation and inflammation to the feet, ankle, and legs.  Like we mentioned early these are not for just ONE group of people, but any age, pregnant women, runners, athletes, nurses, etc.  People who sit long periods, or walk all day.  With compression socks you can increase your blood circulation, increase your energy levels, and even help with blood clotting and varicose veins.

This video from Muscle and Joint can explain exactly how Compression socks work:



Compression Socks Benefits


  •  help reduce swelling in the feet and legs.
  •  improve overall blood flow and oxygenation.
  •  help improve recovery time of achy/sore muscles.
  • don’t roll down your legs, meaning they stay put and won’t slip or slide down.
  •  are antimicrobial, so your feet won’t stink.
  • are breathable, so they won’t make your legs feel hot or itchy.
  •  help reduce the risk of developing DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis, or blood clots).


Compression Socks We Recommend


Physix Gear Compression Socks Men & Women (20-30 mmHg) Best 



Physix Gear Compression Socks are for Men and Women.  They come in multiple colors and varieties for all personalities and they even look great on!  Their design allows for easy slide on and comfortable wear all day or night. The Physix compression socks allow for not only comfort but a secure feeling in your legs during workouts.

“Physix Gear Stamina Socks are designed with gradient compression, Physix Gear Stamina Socks are engineered with the latest arch to calf compression technology, offering a targeted foot to calf muscle support unseen on lesser quality socks.”

“Keep your legs protected in the hot summer and warm in the winter.  Your new socks will also air dry in only a few hours!”

If you have purchased these compression socks or any other brand please share with us in the comments about your experience, good or bad. We love to hear from our readers!  Have a beautiful Tuesday!