Hamstring Stretching Exercises-Revive Your Legs with ONE stretch!

Hamstring Stretching can save your life and maybe your wallet! Lower back pain affects around 80% of America according to UNC School of Medicine.  The rise in lower back pain is believed to be due to the rise in cost of medical care.  Lower back pain is the second highest cause of disability and loss of work in the communities in America. Rising cost in medical care for any type of illness can lead to people searching for ways at home to heal their pain. Research has shown that tight hamstring muscles lead to lower back pain and even sciatica pain.  Tight hamstrings can restrict movement of the pelvis and can lead to low back pain/injury. So in a nutshell and not to get all technical, when your hamstring are tight, then your body puts the strain and work on your lower back.


Benefits of Stretching Your Hamsrtings

According to Livestrong, hamstring stretches has 3 major benefits to your health.

  1. Prevents Lower Back Pain
  2. Reduces Injuries
  3. Improves Athletic Ability

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Stretching Daily can benefit your body, mood, and energy if done daily.  Find more information about stretching benefits daily in our article here


One Complete Stretch!

Most people focus their energy on stretching their feet, backs, or even their calves, altogether forgetting about their hamstrings. When designing The Leg Tech, we had you and your full posterior leg in mind. The Leg provides you a full stretch in one stretch from your toes to your hamstrings.  The best part?  You can take The Leg Tech anywhere and use it either at home, the office, or even the gym.  10 minutes of stretching while you are enjoying your favorite book, watching a movie, and even surfing Facebook. The Leg Tech utilizes a strapping system beginning with a strap that catches the back of the heel, wraps the bottom of the foot, and rolls over the tip of the toes and then connects to a torso belt. A tension device is attached to the belt and allows you to tighten the Leg Tech to get the exact stretch you want or need.


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