6 Benefits of Deep Calf Stretches

We have all experience that wonderful feeling of calf stretches . When you grab your toes and pull them towards your body, that pull you feel in your muscles is bliss to most of us.  What are we stretching? What feels so good?  How is it benefiting us in the long run?  Some of you are probably thinking, “I’m not an athlete, I don’t need to stretch!” WRONG! Everyone should begin a healthy stretching routine, not just athletes, runners, or workout enthusiast. Stretching your legs and calves everyday has more benefits than many people think.


How Calf Stretches Work

The calf is comprised of two muscles. The gastrocnemius begins above the knee, and the soleus lies deep to it, and begins below the knee. These two muscles fuse together to form the Achilles tendon.  Their main function is to plantarflex the foot propelling the body forward during walking, running, and jumping. Excessively tight calf muscles leads to a variety of conditions.


6 Benefits of Stretching Your Calves


  1. Increased Circulation

  2. Decreased frequency of leg cramps

  3. Increased range of motion

  4. Prevent Achilles Tendinitis

  5. Prevent Shin Splints

  6. Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

To learn more details on how stretching helps with these conditions visit this article.


Make Stretching a Priority

Many of us don’t stretch because we forget or because what’s the point because we are going to stop once it gets difficult, especially if you are in pain. To reach the desired stretch you need to help with foot/heel pain, lower back pain, sciatica nerve,etc sometimes you need a partner to help or to keep your from giving up on that stretch.  The Leg Tech was designed so you can reach that desired stretch without the use of a partner and let’s be honest once you feel the stretch in your legs you will not want to take The Leg Tech off! With The Leg Tech you can make stretching a priority, strap it on, stretch, sit! Nothing is easier!


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