The Leg Tech

The Leg Tech was designed with YOU in mind. Foot and heel pain affect more than 1 out 10 people in America everyday.  Whether you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Achilles Tendon, or leg cramps, The Leg Tech is the device you have been searching for.  With it’s unique design, The Leg Tech stretches the back of your legs while relaxing, reading, or even watching T.V.

Girl using the Leg Tech to receive more stretch, less work
Couple using the Leg Tech to receive more stretch, less work

How is TLT different?

The Leg Tech does not focus on just the heel, calf, or hamstring, but the entire posterior leg. By pulling the toes tight during the dorsiflexion of the foot the stretching of the Plantar Fascia pulls through the Achilles tendon in return stretching the gastrocnemius (calf muscle) in return stretching the biceps femoris (hamstring).

Stretching Saves Lives

 Stretching your legs and feet regularly can help with relieving back pain, keeping your hamstrings loose, and strengthening the arches of your feet and leg muscles. Foot and heel pain does not affect only athletes or runners.  Using The Leg Tech regularly can help create a healthy lifestyle habits that will lead to a life without pain!


Do you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis?  Have you bought inserts, night splints, or even compression socks?  Have any of them worked?  Many people rush to fix their heels and feet because that is where the pain resides. The truth is the reason for your Plantar Fasciitis is not your feet, but tight calf muscles.

We have all experience that wonderful feeling of calf stretches . When you grab your toes and pull them towards your body, that pull you feel in your muscles is bliss to most of us.  What are we stretching? What feels so good?  How is it benefiting us in the long run? 

Hamstring Stretching can save your life and maybe your wallet! Lower back pain affects around 80% of America according to UNC School of Medicine.  The rise in lower back pain is believed to be due to the rise in cost of medical care.